About us

Welcome to Advocates In Action! Advocates In Action is a full service Advocacy and Supports Firm headquartered in Eatontown, NJ.

Advocates provides an abundance of services that include Support Coordination, Training & Development Services, Innovative Leadership Academy (Coming Summer 2019), Everyone Can Work Employment Centers (Coming Summer 2019), Consultation Services including Grant Writing, Program Development, Organizational Restructuring, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and much more!


Advocates was founded in 2016 with one mission: To Be the Voice to those who don’t have one. We accomplish this through  Advocacy, Encouragement & Leadership.


Advocates in Action stands firmly in the acknowledgment that we are advocates first. Which means that we approach every client, every scenario and every moment with the focus on the wants and needs of the client.


Advocates in Action knows how important knowledge, commitment and involvement is. We have several options to share our collective advocate work with you. Check out our Blog, Podcast and attend a Resource Fair, Meet & Greet or Information Session.


Don’t forget to follow us at #AdvocatesGlobal on all social media platforms