Consultation Services

We have a vast field of professional experiences held within our team here at Advocates in Action.

Here are just a few ways we can share our knowledge with your team

Program Restructuring & Development

Keeping up with changing regulations or community needs can be daunting. We have experienced consultants who have developed hundreds of programs that fill service gaps needs and provide impactful programming to their communities. Advocates can provide onsite consultation to review your programming and develop a plan to address your programmatic needs.

Community Outreach Campaigns

Reaching your community to spread the word of the services and programming you are bringing forward is imperative to all new and existing community programs. Advocates team can assist you with writing a community access plan that will market your program and help you reach everyone in need of your unique services!

Vocational Program Creation & Development

Employment for all is core belief at Advocates. Ensuring that there are well structured programs preparing individuals of all abilities for work is a passion at Advocates. Our consultants can assist you with creation, restructuring and development of new and or existing Vocational programs.

School & Work Transitions

Graduating youth is a life event that should be celebrated! It is also a time in the life of a young adult who has a special need that be confusing, stressful and overwhelming. We are here to help! We provide support to families as well as educators that will ease the fear and increase the success of the students transition from school to work.

Grant Writing

With years of experience both hands on and educationally. Advocates has a team of consultants whom can train your internal team on the function, need & organization required to run a successful development department. If you want your grant writing to be handled outside of your organization, Advocates can help there too. We have grant writers with proven track records who can research and write your grants at Advocates.