As many of us do, we carry the voices of our pasts with us into our present story. We allow these old labels, experiences, failures and accomplishments to define us, and many times imprison us.  I was so wildly unaware of how many of these old labels had taken up residence in every part of my person. I was lugging around every bad thought, failure, judgement and accusation and it left me exhausted! All that exhaustion erupted in a moment filled with tears, confusion and desperation.

Pink Marker in hand I took to writing, every label, everything I was believing so strongly and deeply about myself I began to write them out. Every label that had rendered me a prisoner to my past.  With all the negative purged, I was able to make room for new labels.  In that vulnerable moment. Pink Marker shaking in my hand I began penning new labels, that I wanted so much to believe described me. In one incredible exercise I had created a visual representation of where I wanted to be, who I wanted to be defined as and what I was no longer willing to carry around.  That one moment created what we know today as the Pink Marker Movement. A movement with profound impact and life changing power. Reshaping how you think, visually seeing the thoughts of our negative beliefs erased and replaced with bright pink thoughts, hopes and desires. This is the key to your own Pink Marker Movement.

The Pink Marker Movement focuses on harnessing power over our stories; it all begins with one Pink Marker!  I encourage you to find the power you have inside you to brave the past and embrace your future, you have the ability to change your labels and tell a brand-new story.

Pick up your marker and get started, you deserve to embrace your story and decide who and what your next chapter will focus on. #MarkersUp