Training Department Information

Training Department Information

Support Coordination Training; ADVOCATES FIRST! Highly focused, advocacy-based training that satisfies the mandated 12 hours of annual training.


Employment Services Training; EVERYONE CAN WORK! Our training is unique in approach and delivery, changing how we think about employment for all is the key to success, empowerment, and change. Employment Training for  Employment Specialists, Supervisors, Employers and community partners.


Leadership Training; We take Leadership serious! And so should you! Our training is adaptable to a multitude of levels of leadership from entry-level to seasoned leaders.


Program Org / Structure; Change happens, let Advocates help you to navigate and approach system or organizational changes.


School to Work Transition; Adulting is not easy! Advocates is here to help you navigate the new world of Adult Services.

Training Delivery

It is our experience that training is vital for overall success. The Advocates training department is dedicated to learning alongside with you, whether it be within established training programs or an individualized and tailored training that fits your need.


Advocates in Action has a unique approach to training. We focus on the mindset of the people we are training. Our training work on a deeper level, addressing the thinking and the motivations within the person.  We have found that encouraging people to embrace the WHY of the work they do, as opposed to focusing on what they might be missing, is the key to EMPOWERING them to want to perform on a new level.

Training Department Services

Coming soon to our Training Department:

  • On and off-site training for all group sizes
  • Online collection of FREE training resources
  • FREE monthly webinars
  • Reach out for a free training consultation today!